Hello Future Client!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Is Johnathan Ling a good fit for my real estate needs?…Let’s talk!!

My Clients:

  1. Can use a computer
  2. Can research and self-tour new homes/Attend “Open-Houses”
  3. Able to negotiate contract terms
  4. Mortgage pre-approved for the home
  5. Register my Realtor information with the Builder
  6. Call, Email, or Text me with questions or concerns


  1. Provide real estate market data at clients’ request (max 4 requests) *select markets only
  2. Answer new home construction or maintenance related questions
  3. Answer real estate related questions
  4. Help direct or answer all other questions
  5. Help negotiate at clients’ request (max 4 requests)
  6. Contract reading at client’s request
  7. Provide a huge tax free rebate!
  8. Continued Realtor support after closing. You are now a client for life!
  9. Friendly, Honest, and Well-Spoken
 Are you ready to buy a house? Please call me!! I look forward to talking to you!!