An important question many of our clients ask is how we can financially survive asking for such a low fee and giving back such a huge rebate… is it “too good to be true”??? 

Outside of Modern Life Realty, Johnathan Ling is a property manager for real estate investors and also has a diversified portfolio of assets to create multiple streams of income. The new homebuyer rebate program is one of several sources of income that supplements total yearly gross income. 

When you work with Modern Life Realty, you are working with the owner and managing broker, Johnathan Ling. I am a Real Estate Agent with 20+ years of Realtor experience and base my remote Realtor consulting service on the principles of integrity, honesty, and fidelity to earn the trust and repeat business of my clients. 

I strongly invite you to contact me directly by phone, email, or my social platforms to meet me. Ask me anything!!
– Johnathan Ling