I’ll give you a huge rebate to be my client!

When you purchase a home from a “tract home builder” they will typically pay a 2-3% commission to the buyer’s agent. From this 2-3% commission, my Real Estate Broker remote consulting fee is $1000. What happens to the remainder of the 2-3% commission??… It’s yours!!


Here’s an example (ughh…. reminds me of school 🤣):


Mary and Joe went to www.NewHomeSource.com to look at new home communities and found a lovely community built by Toll Brothers. After registering Johnathan Ling with Modern Life Realty as their agent, they were able to sign a contract for a home to be built just for them!! Congratulations! The final sales price was $300,000.00 with a 3% buyer’s agent commission.

How much does Mary and Joe get as a rebate towards their new home purchase?

$300,000 x 3% – $1000 = 8000 BUCKS to YOU the buyer! Woohoo!!



But wait a minute… that’s only part of the equation. Modern construction is a complex undertaking and regulated by many contractual, governmental, engineering, and construction codes.

Not only have I sold and bought new homes, I have built, designed, and inspected them too!!

Do you want an experienced Realtor to help you? Or do you want Johnathan Ling, an experienced Realtor with construction management, home builder, professional inspector, and engineering experience to help you? Choose me!!!, Johnathan Ling, to be your Realtor. I am very confident dealing with new home buyers, new home builders, and always make myself available to my clients by phone/text or email. I enjoy working with FSBO and FRBO clients all over Texas AND… my service doesn’t stop after the closing of your new home! I get calls from my previous clients asking my opinion on certain aspects of real estate as well as some recommendations for their current real estate needs! I’m a useful tool to keep by your side!!

If you would like to discuss more about my remote consultation services and create a great partnership together, please feel free to view the Contact link above and call me! I would love to speak with you!