Hello! There are no up-front fees, my Realtor consulting fee of $1000 is taken from the builder commission and the remainder is rebated back to you!! Any builder bonus is also rebated back to you!

Your Rebate = Builder Commission (i.e. 3%) + Builder Bonus(sometimes) – $1000 

Pam and Tom went to www.NewHomeSource.com to look at new home communities. They registered Johnathan Ling with Modern Life Realty as their Agent and signed a contract to construct a new home! The final sales price was $300,000.00 with a 3% builder commission and a $2000 Builder Bonus to Johnathan Ling.


How much does Pam and Tom receive as a rebate after completing their new home purchase?

$10,000 to Pam and Tom! = ($300,000 x 3%) + $2000 – $1000


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